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Descent stage of the Mars Science Laboratory vehicle, lowering the folded Curiosity rover in the sky crane maneuver. (Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech)

The sky crane that landed Curiosity on Mars

In celebration of the Mars rover Curiosity’s fantastic first year of operations, here’s a look back at a series of posts I did on the unusual, risky, but successful sky crane technology used to deliver the robot to the surface of the Red Planet.

Newman sleeps on a toy. The depression marking where he lost maw muscle mass is visible behind his right eye.

Cancer and dogs

That was how my wife and I discovered that our pet Newman had a brain tumor, and it marked the beginning of a nearly two year adventure in learning how dogs are treated for cancer—and how, for better or worse, their treatment differs from what humans receive.

Samuel L Clemens 1940 Issue—10 cents

Never the Twain

Irony doesn’t come much easier than this. Saturday’s New York Times featured an article on “The Overconfidence Problem in Forecasting,” about the almost universal tendency for…

Off the Clock

Unemployed people have time on their hands, you say? Sure, if by “time” you mean the ability to travel backward through time. I would have thought…


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