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Rennie Video Clips

Here are some samples and examples of my video work.

This is the first episode of my 2013 show for The Weather Channel, Hacking The Planet. It looks at whether it might be possible for us to control hurricanes and prevent them from happening. I'm particularly proud of the stand up work 1:10 into this, which was an impromptu shot after Hurricane Sandy in the empty FDR Drive.

A spinoff of Hacking The Planet was this special, The Truth About Twisters, which I co-hosted. I'm throughout this, but you might want to jump to 27:45-33:00, when I narrate a segment about whether you can survive being picked up by a tornado.

This is edited interview footage I shot for the demo of series that was never picked up, called The Ripple Effect. It shows me narrating on location during walk-and-talks, and interviewing some people about traffic.

This video for, part of a series called "The Collectors," is about efforts to bring mammoths back from extinction. I'm interviewed as a skeptical counterpoint to the scientist who is gung-ho about doing this. (The video doesn't seem to be embeddable, unfortunately, but you can watch it here: )

A news magazine program on Turkish television, TRT World News, interviewed me about the Singularity. The interview starts at 5:15.

This is a compilation reel of old video appearances that was created some years ago. The video quality is poor because the resolution is too low, but it probably serves to show what I have done in a variety of situations.