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Other Video

Beyond my series Hacking The Planet, I have popped up in a considerable number of other projects for television and online video over the years. Here are some samples of that work. (The online availability of some of these clips is somewhat hit-and-miss outside the pirated torrents; these are links to the best versions I have found.)

Mysteries at the Museum: Season 7, episode 5 (Travel Channel, 2015)

In the "Medical Mystery Hoax" section of this episode, an interview with me is used to tell the tale of a famous bit of early 20th-century electromagnetic quackery called the Oscilloclast and the Electronic Reactions of Abrams, which Scientific American debunked. This clip presents an abbreviated version of the segment.

Clash of the Cavemen (History Channel, 2008)


This documentary offered a great look at the era when Neandertals and modern humans overlapped in Europe, leading to the eventual disappearance of the former. Ironically, not long afterward, headline-making studies of Neandertal DNA demonstrated that a significant number of their genes survive in us, which proves that (contrary to the general conclusion of the show) Neandertals did indeed interbreed with us moderns rather than simply becoming extinct. My appearances and comments pepper the whole show; in this clip, you'll see me around 6:30 minutes in. (For what it's worth, YouTube also has this video of half the show that was dubbed into Greek, although my bits are subtitled, not redubbed.)

How the Earth Made Man (History Channel, 2012)


How did the massive transformations in the planet during the past 4.5 billion years shape the evolution of human beings? That's the theme of this History Special. Here's a full video of it on YouTube (update: drat, dead link!); you can see me at roughly the 8:20, 18:00, 20:50, 24:30, 1:12:00, 1:16:30, 1:17:45, 1:20:30 marks.

The Story Collider video: "Aggression"

Here's the video of the first true autobiographical story I performed for The Story Collider, about the Seventies, sticking up for yourself, a madly aggressive laboratory rat, and one of the less well-known dangers of bell-bottom pants.