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Scientific American podcasts

Scientific American has published a suite of podcasts ranging from the Science Talk, a half-hour interview program hosted by podcast editor and magazine columnist Steve Mirsky, to 60-Second Science, a daily short-form news show, to several other themed 60-Second podcasts on psychology and neuroscience, the environment, space, and technology. During my days as editor in chief, Steve and I would get together regularly to discuss the contents of each month's issue, and in more recent years, I've contributed several shorter podcasts as well.

Science Talk

John Rennie Hacks the Planet (Feb. 28, 2013). Steve and I discuss my show for The Weather Channel.

John Rennie's 7 Answers to Climate Contrarian Nonsense (Dec3, 2009). Conversation about a refutation of several common climate denial arguments that I wrote for

Hello Moon, Goodbye Rennie (June 26, 2009). On the eve of my departure from SciAm, I reflect on my 20 years at the magazine.

The Truth about Cats and Dogs (May 29, 2009). On the contents of the June issue.

People, Pan troglodytes (Chimps), and Pigs (May 1, 2009). On the contents of the May issue.

The Evolution of Evolution (Jan. 7, 2009). On SciAm's special January issue marking the 200th anniversary of Darwin's birth and the 15oth anniversary of his publication of On the Origin of Species.

Who's Watching You: The Future of Privacy (Sept. 3, 2008). On SciAm's September single-topic issue on privacy and security.

Pay Attention to the Man Behind the Curtain: SciAm's History of Debunking (Jan. 2, 2008). Steve and I discuss the magazine's long record of busting medical frauds and self-proclaimed psychics.

Animal intelligence, Einstein, Szilard and the bomb, sustainable development (April 5, 2006). I report on events at the Earth Institute's most recent State of the Planet conference.

60-Second Science

House Repubs Vote that Earth is Not Warming (March 16, 2011). All Republicans on the House Energy and Commerce Committee voted against an amendment that states that global warming exists, regardless of cause.

Sen. Rand Paul Says Forget Federal Science (Feb. 4, 2011). U.S. Sen. Rand Paul would deeply slash federal funding for science. But such funding is a solid investment in prosperity and health.

Teachers Fail Evolution Education (Jan. 28, 2011). Only a minority of high school teachers are effectively educating students about evolution, with many expressing personal views rather than the assigned curriculum.

Future of Science Coverage (July 6, 2009). Featuring an excerpt from my speech to the World Conference of Science Journalists in London about the need for editors and writers to innovate and to reconsider what counts as science news.